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About 3-D Team Signs

Since 1997, our distinctive, unique, dimensional signs have been helping to promote team pride and school spirit on campuses across the country.

Let us help you design a special signage package that will promote your school’s logo, pride, and spirit.
Your enhanced gymnasium will be the envy of all who visit. These signs place a focus on the team players and create a larger sense of purpose and inspiration for the entire student body.

This fosters more desire to be involved in sports, as well as other school activities. Active students are better students. And better students help make better communities.

Texas Invitational

We helped design the logo and image for the Texas Invitational – one of the most successful high school basketball tournaments in the nation.
Image does matter. And we will work hard to help you with that element of your sports program.
ADS is also a proud sponsor of the Texas Invitational, And has been involved since its inception.
We understand how this program can serve as a catalyst to help inspire young citizens. We were chosen to design the logo and help create the image that this organization projects.
We think it’s a great image. We can do the same for your campus.
Our Company specializes in the design and production of dimensional team signs. Contact one of our project specialists and let us develop a cost effective package for you. These signs are truly unique and yours will be a “one-of-a-kind” package that will inspire every player on the roster, every fan in the bleachers and every student on campus.

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